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  • Blocked Drain Specialist ( it is ALL I do ).
  • Carry latest technology tools and equipment to fix any blockage.
  • No Call Out Charge. Fixed agreed Price over the phone. No upselling.
  • Honest and Up-Front Pricing with No Surprises
  • Same price 24/7. No additional charges for weekends, after hours or holidays.
  • Only pay when blockage removed. No fix, no pay policy.
  • We service the residential and commercial sectors.
  • EFTPOS Available!

Blocked Drains? Don’t Stress, Let Pig-It Handle the Mess!

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Our Drain Services

Hydro Drain Jetting

Using high pressure water, hydro drain jetting is fantastic for clearing up to 60 meters of pipe from all sorts of blockages such as oil, tree roots, paper, grout and cement. Avoiding the need for toxic chemicals or costly excavation, hydro drain jetting is better for the environment and your bank account!

Camera Inspection

Ideal for identifying the exact location and cause of blockages, Pig-It Drain Cleaning’s state-of-the-art, multi-directional camera equipment eliminates the guess work from clearing your drains. After treating blocked drains, John also frequently utilises his camera to reinspect the pipes and verify they are clear of any residual build up.

Drain Cleaning Specialist

Whether you’re facing slow-moving drains or recurrent blockages, our experienced team in Perth uses advanced technology and techniques to provide reliable solutions.

Unblocking Drains

Got a blocked sink, shower, toilet, or stormwater drain? We’ll swiftly find the root of the issue and fix it in no time on our first visit. Thanks to John’s specialist equipment, there’s no digging or fixture removal needed, so you can get on with your day with minimal disruption.

About Pig It Drain Cleaning Service

John Doubleday leads the way at Pig-It Drain Cleaning, Perth’s premier blocked drain specialist. With a rich background of over 40 years focused on tackling drain blockages, John brings unmatched expertise to resolve issues in any pipe, anywhere in Perth. His proficiency is especially sought after by other plumbers struggling to identify blockage sources, solidifying Pig-It Drain Cleaning’s reputation for problem-solving.

Diagnostic Technology

Leveraging the latest in diagnostic tech, John’s camera equipment offers clear views up to 30 meters inside pipes, pinpointing the cause of obstructions with remarkable accuracy. This ability to accurately locate and diagnose issues is complemented by high-powered hydro jetting techniques that clear and clean the pipes thoroughly without the need for harsh chemical treatments or disruptive digging.

Transparent Pricing, Anytime Service

Pig-It Drain Cleaning prides itself on its straightforward, fixed pricing model. No matter the time—be it late nights, weekends, or public holidays—John maintains a no-surprise pricing policy, ensuring services come without additional call-out fees, 24/7, 365 days a year. This commitment to fair pricing is part of what makes John so trusted among his clientele.

Respectful and Timely Service

Well-known for his courteous and friendly demeanor, John not only tackles plumbing issues effectively but also treats each customer and their property with the utmost respect. He values punctuality and is always eager to impart his vast plumbing knowledge, providing practical advice that has stood the test of time.

Trusted by Perth’s Finest

Serving an array of residential and commercial clients across the state, Pig-It Drain Cleaning has earned the trust of prominent Perth institutions, including the West Australian Planning Commission and the Department of Defence. Clients rest easy knowing payment is only due once the issue is fully resolved, avoiding the inconvenience and cost of additional call-outs.

Fully Insured and Police Verified

With comprehensive insurance and police verification, Pig-It Drain Cleaning is ready to tackle any drain blockage challenge, anywhere, at any time. John’s commitment to safety, coupled with his technical prowess, ensures a reliable, effective solution for all your drain cleaning needs.


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Our expert team has the gear and know-how to quickly sort out any plumbing concerns, ensuring your life gets back to normal, hassle-free.

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