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  • We service the residential and commercial sectors.
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    Pig-It Drain Cleaning’s strives to deliver the no-nonsense specialist drain cleaning services to his Perth residential and commercial customers with honesty and integrity. Reliable and friendly, he guarantees to fix any sort of pipe blockage whilst always respecting his customers and their properties. With decades of experience dealing exclusively with blocked drains, he only accepts payment once a problem is fixed and offers his customers the reassurance of knowing they’ll pay the same, fixed price regardless of what time of the day or night they need his help. He has a wealth of knowledge around all things plumbing and aims to always be of service to his customers by providing valuable advice, whether on a call-out or over the phone.

    Pig-It Drain Cleaning is known as the drain specialist other plumbers call when they get in the poo, and so should you!

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    Using high pressure water, hydro drain jetting is fantastic for clearing up to 60 meters of pipe from all sorts of blockages such as oil, tree roots, paper, grout and cement. Avoiding the need for toxic chemicals or costly excavation, hydro drain jetting is better for the environment and your bank account!

    Ideal for identifying the exact location and cause of blockages, Pig-It Drain Cleaning’s state-of-the-art, multi-directional camera equipment eliminates the guess work from clearing your drains. After treating blocked drains, John also frequently utilises his camera to reinspect the pipes and verify they are clear of any residual build up.

    From a reduction in water pressure through to sub-floor water leaks, Pig-It Drain Cleaning is Perth’s expert in successfully locating and diagnosing faults in pipes and water tanks. With wet timber and soil being the primary facilitators of wood rot and termite infestation, John’s fixed, low rate to locate and repair your pipe or tank fault could save you considerable expense in the future.

    Whether it’s a blocked sink, shower, toilet or storm water drain, Pig-It Drain Cleaning will efficiently locate the source of the problem and have it fixed on the first call-out. John’s specialist equipment means there’s no need for digging or removing fixtures so you can get back to your daily activities as quickly as possible.

    About Us

    Owned and operated by John Doubleday, Pig-It Drain Cleaning is Perth’s original blocked drain specialist. With over 20 years’ experience, John has spent most of his work life dealing exclusively with blocked drains, so can fix any blockage in any pipe, anywhere in Perth. Often called upon by other plumbers who are having trouble identifying the source of blockages, Pig-It Drain Cleaning employs the latest technology to accurately locate and diagnose the cause of all manner of pipe obstructions. John’s camera equipment can see as far as 30 meters inside pipes to deliver a clear image of exactly what is causing problems. He then employs powerful hydro jetting technology to completely clear and clean pipes without the need for chemical treatments or costly excavation.

    Pig-It Drain Cleaning offers a fixed agreed rate to remedy all blocked drains regardless of the time or day. So, whether John visits your home or business in the evening, on the weekend or on a public holiday, you won’t pay a premium and won’t be charged any additional call-out fees, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. John is known for being courteous, friendly and always having the utmost respect for his customers and their properties. He arrives on time and is happy to share his wealth of knowledge, providing good, old-fashioned advice on all things plumbing.

    Servicing both residential and commercial customers all over the state, Pig-It Drain Cleaning has been trusted by some of Perth’s best-known organisations, such as the West Australian Planning Commission and the Department of Defence, to efficiently and cost-effectively fix any blocked drain. John’s customers have the reassurance of knowing they’ll only pay when the problem is fixed so won’t incur the inconvenience and expense of having to call additional trades people.

    100% insured and police checked, Pig-It Drain Cleaning can unblock any drain, anywhere, anytime.

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    Hydro Drain Jetting

    With a powerful 4,300 PSI of water pressure, hydro drain jetting is the best method to reliably dissolve and clear fat from residential and commercial kitchen drain lines. Utilising the latest hydro jetting equipment, John also successfully employs this method to quickly and easily clear many other drain types from both hard and soft blockages such as grease, tree roots, paper, sand, grout and cement.

    Able to reach as far as 60 meters into pipes lines, hydro drain jetting does not require any digging or removal of fixtures, such as toilet bowls, so will have your drains running freely with minimal disruption to your home or business. Using only pure water, hydro jetting is also much better for the environment when compared with chemical-based treatments.

    Pig-It Drain Cleaning is Perth’s hydro jetting specialist so can have your pipes cleared of blockage in minutes for a fraction of what some plumbers charge.

    Camera Inspections

    Camera Inspections are often the only way to accurately locate and identify drain blockages. Without knowing the source and cause of a blockage, it’s possible to spend considerable time and money trying to fix the problem without a successful outcome. John uses state-of-the-art camera equipment to see what’s happening as far as 30 meters inside your pipes, including around corners.

    He can even record the imagery so you can see the issues for yourself.

    With an accurate diagnosis of exactly what’s causing the blockage, John can employ the best and most cost-effective method of clearing it. In some cases, John also relies on his multi-directional camera equipment to check the drain again after it’s been cleared to ensure no residual build up has been left behind. If you have a blockage or strange sounds or odours coming from your drains, don’t rely on guess-work. Contact the expert other Perth plumbers call on to accurately diagnose and remedy all sorts of pipe blockages.

    Locating of Pipes Tanks Faults

    Whether it’s a blockage, leak or sudden drop in water pressure for an unknown reason, Pig-It Drain Cleaning will accurately locate, diagnose and remedy the source of the problem in your pipes or water tank. Left untreated, pipe blockages can result in drains overflowing into your home or business which is not only distressing, but can lead to further damage and, therefore, greater expense.

    Leaking pipes can also result in water seeping into the subfloor which makes your property vulnerable to wood rot and termite infestation. Likewise, leaking tanks can not only cause damage to surrounding areas but result in a substantial waste of precious water. With over 20 years’ experience dealing with water, sewer and petrochemical pipe faults, John will employ the latest equipment to have your drain or water tank performing as it should in no time. Whether it’s in the evening or on a Sunday, Pig-It Drain Cleaning offer an agreed, low rate for repairs with no additional call-out fees imposed.

    Unblocking of drains pipes toilets Kitchen sinks ect

    Blockages in the drainage system of your home or business can occur for many different reasons but regardless of the cause, there are common symptoms to look out for which indicate that all is not as it should be. You may notice your toilet is taking longer than usual to empty, or odours and gurgling sounds coming from your sink or shower. Usually, the longer the problem is ignored, the worse it will get and can result in water or sewage overflowing into your house, often at the most inconvenient time.

    Utilising the latest camera and hydro jetting equipment, Pig-It Drain Cleaning can quickly diagnose the source of any pipe blockage and clear it without the need for digging or removal of your fixtures. With 5-star online reviews and hundreds of happy customers all across Perth, John has over 20 years’ experience unblocking drains in Australia and overseas so has seen just about every pipe problem imaginable! Furthermore, with their “no-fix, no-pay” policy, you can rest assured your blocked drain will be fixed with one visit, saving you from further inconvenience.

    Pre-Purchase Drain Surveys

    Did you know that ordering a plumbing and drain inspection is mandatory in the U.S. and the U.K. when purchasing a property? In Australia, many buyers commission a building or pest inspection prior to bidding at auction yet simply take it for granted that the pipes in their prospective new home will function properly. Your new dream house may have a combination of copper, cast iron or galvanised steel pipes, all of which are vulnerable to blockages and degradation over time. A Pig-It Drain Cleaning pre-purchase drain inspection will provide you with a detailed report of any existing defects, so you’ll have complete peace of mind over whether everything is functioning correctly or not.

    By having a clear understanding of any problems you are likely to encounter with your new home’s plumbing, you can gauge how much expense is likely to be involved and factor this into your buying price or decision to purchase. Having been in the U.S and the U.K for some of his work life, John has a wealth of experience around pre-purchase inspections so knows exactly what to look for. Ordering a Pig-It Drain Cleaning pre-purchase inspection is a small price to pay for what could save you thousands of dollars down the track.

    General Plumbing

    Whilst Pig-It Drain Cleaning specialise in unblocking all types of pipes and drains, with over 2 decades in the industry, John can also assist with your general plumbing needs. Whether you have a leaky tap, need a dishwasher installed or are unhappy with your water pressure, John can help. Unlike many plumbers, John doesn’t charge a premium for visiting your home on weekends, in the evenings or on public holidays. You’ll pay one low, flat fee without any additional call-out charge and John will arrive on time, dealing with all your plumbing needs in the most efficient timeframe possible.

    Pig-It Drain Cleaning services both residential and commercial customers all across Perth and John is renowned for his friendly and respectful approach. Carrying the latest technology tools and equipment, John will efficiently solve your general plumbing problems with minimal disruption to your home or business.


    No problem, no hassle, friendly service. Details arranged on a Sunday night, arrived Monday morning. I tried to unblock the main drain, using drain rods, manual snakes and hose pipe. John did the job in about one hour at a reasonable price.

    Gumtree Review

    Called John out for a blocked drain, whole house was backed up and he was there on the time we arranged. John managed to sort the problem and was very professional about it. I would recommend him to anyone and wont hesitate to use him again if needed. I thought his fee was very reasonable for the time spent on the job. Thanks John.


    Excellent service from John - prompt and reliable. Sunday morning was no problem either! Genuine, no hassles, an expert in his field - will recommend to all friends and family without hesitation.


    We discovered a blocked pipe on Sunday morning and John had it sorted out that arvo...great service, honest and knowledgable. Best of all we didn't pay through the nose for the service despite it being Sunday. Would certainly call John again if we ever have any drain issues.


    Genuine expert service that solved the problem straight away, without up-selling to more expensive solutions. His price was a quarter of the price of a larger "general plumbing" competitor who could not solve the problem anyway after their first visit.


    I am so glad I found John to clear my blocked drainage. He is so professional, knowledgeable, friendly and has all the right equipment. He spent close to 3.5 hours to solve the blockage and charged a reasonable fee. So glad that I didn't go with a regular plumber!!


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