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    Commercial Kitchens

    The most common form of blockage in commercial kitchens and restaurant kitchens is build up of food, fat and grease in the gullies and drains leading to the grease traps.

    Grease traps are generally emptied as per water corp regulations. However, little or no attention is paid to the drains leading to them until they become fully blocked and discharge waste all over the floor. The result being unsanitary and extremely smelly and can result in the kitchen being closed, thereby losing valuable income.

    It is highly recommended that hydro drain jetting is carried out annually as a preventative measure to avoid costly downtime. It is better to clean the drains at your convenience and at time of your choosing, than in an emergency situation. We can assist by undertaking hydro jetting of your drains during hours you are not open, greatly reducing any inconvenience or loss of income.

    Commercial / Multi Unit Sites

    Due to the large scale of sites, sewerage drains can be complex and long. Diagnosing and location of blockages can be problematic and time consuming. Using our specialised hydro drain jetting services, which can reach 60 meters into the drain from each inspection opening, combined with drain inspection cameras, we can quickly and effectively find blockages, clear the blockage and locate faults in the system.

    Hydro drain jetting can be used to remove grout, cement and rubble from drains quickly and effectively saving time and money. We can unblock drains and pipes from 30mm to 200mm and also use drain cameras to inspect and provide recordings on USB stick for your convenience and records.

    Hair Salons

    Drains often get blocked with large volumes of hair combing with shampoos and chemicals causing major blockages, inconvenience and cost to operators. Again we can provide solutions to these problems by undertaking preventative maintenance during hours that suit you best. ( Out of hours).

    Drain cameras and Locator

    Cameras can be used to accurately identify faults in drains, a picture takes all the guess work out of the problem, faults can be found, root ingress identified and problems resolved including accurate location and marking of problem areas, allowing cost effective resolutions to be made even in difficult areas such as under concrete.

    Upon accurate diagnosis of problems we are able to offer Turnkey solutions for all repairs to your drains by competent qualified tradesman on a 24/7 basis.


    No problem, no hassle, friendly service. Details arranged on a Sunday night, arrived Monday morning. I tried to unblock the main drain, using drain rods, manual snakes and hose pipe. John did the job in about one hour at a reasonable price.

    Gumtree Review

    Called John out for a blocked drain, whole house was backed up and he was there on the time we arranged. John managed to sort the problem and was very professional about it. I would recommend him to anyone and wont hesitate to use him again if needed. I thought his fee was very reasonable for the time spent on the job. Thanks John.


    Excellent service from John - prompt and reliable. Sunday morning was no problem either! Genuine, no hassles, an expert in his field - will recommend to all friends and family without hesitation.


    We discovered a blocked pipe on Sunday morning and John had it sorted out that arvo...great service, honest and knowledgable. Best of all we didn't pay through the nose for the service despite it being Sunday. Would certainly call John again if we ever have any drain issues.


    Genuine expert service that solved the problem straight away, without up-selling to more expensive solutions. His price was a quarter of the price of a larger "general plumbing" competitor who could not solve the problem anyway after their first visit.


    I am so glad I found John to clear my blocked drainage. He is so professional, knowledgeable, friendly and has all the right equipment. He spent close to 3.5 hours to solve the blockage and charged a reasonable fee. So glad that I didn't go with a regular plumber!!


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